Thursday, 8 November 2012

Before the Spring pt VIII


Pt 8. Possibly the last one.

1. Bells - Albert Ayler
2. For Homer - Gregory Corso
3. Underground Babylon - Catholic Discipline
4. This Old World's In A Hell Of A Fix - Rev. Billy Sunday
5. Train to Satanville - Gin Gillette
6. St. John's River - Erik Darling
7. Jane, Jane - Peter, Paul & Mary
8. The Buachaill (Buachall) Roe - Paddy Tunney
9. The Reason for Skylarks - Kenneth Patchen
10. Strange Form of Life - Dawn Mccarthy & Bonny Billy
11. Pat Ward's Hornpipe
12. Let the Bulgine Run
13. Gili (Béga Sitya)- L'ensemble Kek Lang
14. Sinner Man - The Swan Silvertones
15. Little Sparrow - Ella Jenkins
16. Bela Sum, Bela, Yunache - Orchestra 100 Kaba-Bagpipes
17. A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke
18. Kacharpari - Urubamba
19. As Rome Burns - Gregory Corso



Anonymous said...

mediafire error, file removed....

tsintskaro said...

Greetings stranger...the file hasn't been removed, but I get the impression that mediafire is only making the files hosted on their site available to mediafire account holders. If you are really interested in hearing this then send me some details and I will send the file to you via another hosting site.

Anonymous said...

I'm TemporaryOne, I'm always [automatically] logged into my mediafire account, but I'm still getting mediafire's error message -

"This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire"

tsintskaro said...

Hi TemporaryOne, always good to hear from you. Hope you are well? I've contacted you through private message on IMDB.

As for Mediafire, I've just checked the account and the file is still showing as being there, and there has been one more download today so I don't know what is happening there...Pts 6 and 7 have been taken down due to a copyright claim. This is the reason why part 8 will probably be the last one. Well, that and the fact that each playlist had between 100-150 downloads and yet you are the only person to comment (and your comments usually make up for it)